What I learned From 9 Months in Eating Disorder Treatment

260 days. That's how long I put most, if not all of my life on hold for eating disorder treatment. Shit got real September 7, 2016 when I was admitted to the hospital. I knew I was in for a long journey when I spent 42 days there instead of the estimated 3 weeks. I… Continue reading What I learned From 9 Months in Eating Disorder Treatment


The Power of “Tomorrow”

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." I like to think of every day as a fresh start and a clean slate from the day before. But let's be honest, sometimes it is hard to not wake up on the wrong side of the bed if the past few days were shitty. It's easy… Continue reading The Power of “Tomorrow”

The 50-50 Life

Friends, journey and play along with my for a few minutes. Below are two assignments I was given to write at different times. The first was A Day in the Life Recovered. The second one is A Day in the Life Not Recovered. These are 2 very different writings and I'll explain more at the… Continue reading The 50-50 Life


I Can and I Will

Almost 2 months ago, I left a 6 month stay in Boston. I worked with the same dietitian for 4 months. Shout out to Britt for being (kind of) patient with me, listening to me vent, and telling me to stop crying over food. She's a keeper, I'll tell ya. I loved all of my… Continue reading I Can and I Will


Be Still

I walked into program last week and met with my therapist. We got on the topic of work, a topic that comes up a lot unfortunately. We talked about meals and snacks and planning for them at work, which is usually popped into session somehow some way since I struggle with work. I had just… Continue reading Be Still